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No matter the occasion, useful gardening gifts for women are always appreciated!

Ah, gift giving. We have a love, hate relationship with buying presents don’t we? We agonize over what to get her. It needs to speak our love, be wallet-friendly and of course, we want her to like it. Since I am somewhat of a minimalist, I personally like presents that will actually be helpful or will be consumed. I mean really, how many dust catchers does one need? It’s just more to clean! I know I am not the only one which is why I am presenting to you my list of mostly useful gardening gift ideas for women!

Gardening Presents for Women

Under $25

Garden Kneeler and Seat

I received this from my new daughter in law for Christmas. LOVE IT! Not only can I use it is as a seat but I can turn it over and kneel on it.

The handles are helpful for those of us who need a little assistance getting off the ground. It also comes with a little pocket on the side to hold her tools.

Gardener’s Tool Tote

This canvas tool tote is super handy for not only containing tools but has a nicely sized center pocket to hold things like gloves and seeds. It is 8” x 6” x 4”.

5-Blade Herb Scissors

These herb scissors are SO nifty! Have you ever tried to cut herbs with a pair of normal scissors or chop them with a knife? Ugh! Takes forever or in some cases, exercise in total futility (looking at YOU rosemary!)

I totally recommend these as part of my gardening gift ideas for women.

Gardener’s Tool Belt

Are you starting to catch what I am throwing here? Are you seeing all my suggestions for carrying tools around? This gardener’s tool belt is another way to hold tools-AND you stay hands free.

This particular garden belt has a pocket for a kindle or cell phone. The belt is 2.5” wide and the waist will adjust from 31” to 53”.

Bucket Tool Organizer

This tool organizer wraps around a standard 5-gallon bucket. You can get it with either green or pink trim.

It has 14 inside pockets and 34 outside pockets-including one big enough for a water bottle. Very handy!

Oyster Mushroom Growing Kit

Do you have a mushroom fan in the family? These fun mushroom growing kits are an excellent way to grow organic mushrooms right at home. This particular kit even comes with a 3lb mushroom log. Definitely a conversation starter!

Does she have kids or grandkids? What a fun way for her to introduce them to the coolness of mushrooms! Detailed instructions make the whole process easy peasy. The company promises 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Garden Journal, Planner and Log Book

Gardening journals are quite important as they allow your gardener to record important events such as when seeds were planted, what worked in the garden, what didn’t. Did she have problems with pests? What months? Which plants did they bother? Etc.

This particular journal (and very attractive I might add) is a planner as well – up to four years. This is especially nice if she rotates her crops. Several log pages come with too so she can log things such as the weather, cultivation, wildlife sightings, etc.

pH, Moisture, Light Soil Test Meter

This soil meter tests the pH, moisture and light in soil with 100 percent accuracy! Incredibly handy for a gardener. I use my meter heavily to tell me if the soil is too moist or not. Soil in Northern Florida just does not dry like it does in other states. I have not lost a plant yet to overwatering since I bought mine! (which, I confess was a major issue before.)

P.S. This meter does not require a battery or electricity to run.

Cocktail Garden Kit

Now THIS is the way to earn some brownie points! This Cocktail Egg Carton Garden Kit gives your mom/wife/sister/friend/you name it, the start of her very own fresh herbs for cocktail making!

It comes with heirloom seeds for thyme, lavender, basil, mint (mojito anybody?!?), lemon balm and blue borage. It also comes with soil, growing instructions AND cocktail recipes. Seriously, can it get any more fun than that??? This HAS to rank as one of the top gardening gifts for her!

Amish Wagon Garden Planter

I imagine this adorable wooden wagon garden planter would be appreciated by anybody who had it. I am picturing changing it out based on the season. i.e. poinsettias and garland for Christmas, flowers and greens for summer, etc.

It comes in three colors: red, blue and green. It is 44.25” long x 14.5” wide, 15.5” high. So fun!

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Under $50

Reclaimed Barnwood Mini Herb Garden Kit

This fun herb garden kit covers all the bases. It comes with basil, dill, oregano, cilantro, thyme and parsley seeds! And the pretty handmade barnwood planter will fit any décor.

It is 15” wide so plenty of room for all those herbs to flourish!

Great Gardens of America book

This book fits into the ‘mostly useful’ category. It is a coffee table book with pictures of many gorgeous gardens around the country.

Great for inspiration on cold, dreary winter days! Maybe add some of her favorite tea when you present her with this book.

Kitchen Compost Bin

A compost bin in the kitchen is the ultimate in convenience for someone who doesn’t want to waste all those leftover potato peelings and carrot ends.

This particular compost bin is 1.3 gallons, larger than most of the other countertop bins. It is dishwasher safe even. Instead of making mom wash it out though, include some 6-liter compost bag liners (they are compostable too).

Under $100

Garden Cart with Seat and Bucket Basket

When you are shopping gardening presents for her, these garden carts are great! Does she complain about back problems? If so, you are taking good care of her by picking up one of these. Both colors are under $100. As of this writing, the green is about $40 less than the blue. (The green does not have the wagon wheel handle. I can see that coming in handy though.)

Stand Up Weeder

Is your gardener always complaining about the weeds? If so, give her a BIG gift by giving her this Weed Zinger Stand-Up Weeding tool. 

The spring release on the Weed Zinger also allows her to drop the weed directly into the trash can - vs having to pull it off the weeder and put in can by hand.​

Under $160

Miracle Grow AeroGarden

The Miracle Grow AeroGarden is pretty nifty stuff! It is basically a small hydroponics planter. i.e. the plants grow in water versus soil. It has a grow light and an LCD panel that tells you when it is time to water or fertilize.

This particular model will hold six plants at a time. An herb kit comes with although you can also buy other seed pods such as cherry tomatoes or salad greens. Fun, yes?

The Worm Factory 360

Don’t turn your nose up at this gift idea too soon! Worms are essential to successful gardening. There is even a term for it. Vermiposting. Not only do worms help loosen the soil with their burrowing but their excrement (called castings) are incredibly fertile and beneficial for a garden. And I have only given you the single sentence benefit. Worms are IT!

Now that I have convinced you how amazing worms are, this Worm Factory 360 Composter will help your gardener make her own compost quickly and efficiently (traditional backyard composting can take up to two years. Worms speed that up considerably.). And even though it looks like it is a high maintenance product, according to the manufacturer, it only needs 15 minutes per week of her time.

Elevated Garden Bed

I have a Gronomics Elevated Garden bed. It is great for many reasons (although I do not recommend it for a gift.) The biggest reason I love it so much is I do not have to bend down or kneel to tend to it-which makes elevated beds one of the great gardening gift ideas for mom! My back thanks me profusely every day. 

Consider getting her this treated wood elevated garden. It has a lot of great features. Self-watering (I am ALL about self-watering planters!). On casters so she can roll it in and out of the sun easily-or in winter she can move it inside. The lower shelf can hold either more plants or tools. Oh, and it is quite attractive and perfect for small spots that require plants in them! It is 33.5in. x 13in x 11.5in.


Of course, your gardener will love anything you buy for her because it really is the thought that counts. However, finding her something that speaks to her passion AND will help cultivate it (pun intended, yessirree it was!), now that same old every day present has turned into something really special! I am sure amongst all of the gardening gift ideas for women presented here, you will find something perfect for her.

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