Me kayaking at John Pennekamp State Park in Key Largo.

Enjoying the sunset at Lorelei’s in Islamorada, Florida Keys

Do I look ridiculously happy here? I should! We are celebrating my birthday at Lorelei’s in Islamorada. Never heard of it? Look it up!

Greetings fellow Take-Chargers! The Edible Terrace blog was created to chronicle my own path toward growing my family’s own vegetables and herbs. I am a late in life vegetarian converter and  got really tired of my insane grocery bills-simply because I wanted to eat healthier.

And, because I am a small space gardener (everything I grow is in a container of some sort), I hope my experience as a new gardener will also help other beginner small space gardeners on their journey toward greater food control!

Besides the health aspect of growing my own produce, I also strive to live more self-sufficiently with less reliance on the big industries to feed me.

August 2016: We moved from the Florida Keys to the Florida Panhandle near a little town called St Marks. Why? Because we wanted more land (which is at a premium in the Keys!). We also wanted to become more self-sufficient-and I PREFER LIVING SIMPLY! <I have never been more content!>

May 2017: Greenhouse is UP! Pictures below. Still in the works but as you can see I do have some veggies growing. The long containers are 10′ feed troughs we bought on sale at Tractor Supply. The elevated garden in the back is my Gronomics Raised Garden.

The feed troughs and elevated garden bed have my lettuce, cabbage, swiss chard, broccoli raab and spinach in them. The containers you see on the ground on the the left are basil, oregano, rosemary, sage and my bell peppers. I attempted to grow carrots and beans but that didn’t work so well. Trying again very soon!

We are currently in USDA Hardiness Zone 8B.

Do you have any questions or comments? Let’s talk! amy [@] theedibleterrace dot com.