Me kayaking at John Pennekamp State Park in Key Largo.

Enjoying the sunset at Lorelei’s in Islamorada, Florida Keys

Greetings fellow Take-Chargers! The Edible Terrace blog was created to chronicle my own path toward growing our own vegetables and herbs. I got really tired of my insane grocery bills-simply because I want to eat healthier (looking at YOU $3 pepper!). I also strive to live more self-sufficiently.

And, because I am a small space gardener (everything I grow is in a container of some sort-even now in the FL Panhandle), I hope my experience as a new gardener will also help other beginner small space gardeners on their journey toward greater food control!

August 2016: We moved from the Florida Keys to the Florida Panhandle near a little town called St Marks. Why? Because we wanted more land (which is at a premium in the Keys!). We also wanted to become more self-sufficient-and I PREFER LIVING SIMPLY! For example, our two cars are 12 and 28 years old.  The house we just bought is insanely affordable. We do not have cable. Instead, we have a tv antennae on the roof and I get approx 12 channels. (Only half are worth watching.) My cell phone is a month to month plan. Etc. And you know what? I have never been more content! 

Near future plans are to: build a greenhouse so I can go to the grocery store in my backyard and install a tankless hot water system (reduces energy usage). There is so much more but that is first on the list!  Updates and pictures to come.

Update: March 2017. Tankless hot water system up and working.

Update: May 2017. Greenhouse is UP! Pictures below. Still in the works but as you can see I do have some veggies growing. The long containers are 10′ feed troughs we bought on sale at Tractor Supply. The elevated garden in the back is my Gronomics Raised Garden.

Next on the list? Enlarge my container garden. Learn to preserve and can food. Try out solar panels.

We are currently in USDA Hardiness Zone 8B. ‚Äč

Personal background

My husband and I are happy empty-nesters! We lived in Phoenix, AZ until 2013 then made the move to Florida. We LOVE it here! My degrees are in IT so I get to work from home on multiple projects (I love variety). I do freelance writing and researching. I program WordPress websites. AND I garden! Yep. That’s me.

Kevin is back in school working on his Master’s degree in Anthropology. He is the one who got me interested in gardening. Now, every morning I make him look at the progress of all my budding young seedlings. Hah!