15 Videos That Will Get You Started On Autumn & Winter Vegetable Gardening

Transitioning into Fall is THE BEST! Maybe it’s that the dog days of Summer are finally over-or maybe the cooler weather gives me a chance to expand my clothing choices(!)-or maybe it’s all the autumn & winter vegetable gardening but with less humidity...

5 Pinteresting People Teach Us How To Harvest and Dry Herbs

Harvesting and drying herbs is practically a rite of passage for gardeners every Fall. Don’t know about you but I have gotten pretty spoiled by the free and much better tasting herbs growing right outside my back door! I know where they came from…they were grown...

10 Pinteresting People Teach Us How To Grow a Vegetable Garden

So you want to know how to grow a vegetable garden! It's an exciting thought. There are several ways you can go about it. Ask yourself a few key questions first. What kind of space do you have? Do you have a yard area where you can plant directly into the ground? Or...

Everything You Need To Know On Planting Vegetables in Pots

Planting vegetables in pots is a perfect, low maintenance way for you to grow your own food at home without the expense and upkeep of a full sized garden. If you are short on space or time, container vegetable gardening is the way to go! You will find that many...

7 Valuable Tips On How To Grow Cantaloupe in Containers

In this ongoing series, we are going to cover how to grow cantaloupe in containers. Who doesn't love the idea of going right outside one's door to pick the fruit you are going to eat for the very next meal?!? Growing cantaloupes in containers is actually...

Becoming a vegetarian in 2012 meant I had to learn how to eat vegetables-not something customarily in my menu beyond lettuce & carrots. I also choose to live as simply as possible. Gardening is a natural part of this new path for me.  Learn more about me here.

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