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Growing strawberries in containers

You love this little fruit. You’ve put them in salads, smoothies, desserts, and other recipes. You’ve even snacked on them straight out of the container. You’ve been looking for a way to save money on strawberries, but they just seem to get more and more expensive! Did you know growing strawberries in pots was possible? They are actually quite container friendly! It’s true. Here are some simple tips to growing strawberries in containers.

You can grow from seedlings or order them online.

If you go to your local nursery, you can find strawberry plants; or you can order the seeds online.

There are even online merchants such as Amazon that will ship you the sprouted plants within a couple of days to get you started quickly.

Did you know there are 103 different varieties of strawberries?!? Me neither! If you buy organic strawberries, you can learn to grow them from seeds here. The article also has a link to a website that gives tons of information on all things strawberries.

Finding the right container…

To find the right container, you must recognize that strawberry plants are runners or ground cover plants. This means they need room to spread. Hanging pots and the special strawberry pots I mentioned are perfect for this. They can grow and thrive with plenty of room, giving your container strawberries the best chance of having a good harvest.

You can also grow them in long and shallow containers as long as they are spaced out properly.

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How to grow strawberries in containers…

You will notice your strawberry plant has a slightly hard part between the stems and the roots. This is the crown of the plant. When you plant your strawberry runner, it is very important to cover the roots and leave the crown exposed.

This will protect the roots and let the stems grow strong. You will also need high quality potting soil mixed with either fertilizer or compost. The soil mixture will need to be moist when you place it in the pot.

growing strawberries in containers

If you want to use a strawberry pot, you can watch the video below for professional tips on how to get one started properly. It’s not hard at all to plant your runners in this pot, and in no time, you will have lots of strawberries to pick, eat, and enjoy.

If you are using hanging planters, fill the planter to two-thirds, add your runner, and then cover the root system with soil. Don’t forget to water your strawberries! Hanging planters tend to dry out faster than pots. Keep a close eye on them and you should be fine.

They aren’t too needy.

Just one to two inches of water per week is perfect. Some strawberries need partial shade in really hot weather, but most love to sun themselves for most of the day.

Remember, when first starting your plants, they need to be in shade. As they start to thrive, move them into the sun gradually until the pot is in full-time sunlight.

If you want to water without having to keep an eye on it all the time, you can use a small plastic bottle. You can do this by filling the bottle up and place the opening in the soil. When the bottle is empty, replace it. The plants will use the water as needed, which will make it self-watering.

It’s not hard to get a container garden growing. You can have big, beautiful, and luscious strawberries in early, mid, and late season by being attentive and staggering when you plant your strawberries. This means you’ll have plenty for tarts, shortcakes, smoothies, yogurt, and anything else you can dream up!

The best places locally to get strawberries for seeds will be any grocer that sells organic produce and farmer’s markets. You can ask the farmer at the market if he uses conventional or natural methods to grow the strawberries. Many cannot afford the organic certification, but they do practice organic farming. This is one way to find out without asking outright if they are organic farmers.

Below is the video I promised. She explains the importance of using organic soil and how to set up your strawberry pot to get your strawberries started right. Happy gardening and good luck on your quest for growing strawberries in containers!

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