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It’s always rewarding to grow vegetables, even if you live in a small apartment or a cramped condo. Container gardening is the next best thing for people who enjoy gardening but don’t have a lot of space to grow plants. The good thing is that there are so many vegetables out there that can thrive happily in pots and containers that you too can have your very own vegetable garden-regardless where you live!

Here are the top 5 picks to get you started and tips on how to start a vegetable garden.


Tomatoes are very easy to grow if you have ample sunlight. If you are growing big tomatoes better choose a larger pot. Cherry tomatoes can be grown in medium-sized pots. You can ensure that it gets the nutrients that it needs by adding loam or mulch every few weeks. It is also ideal to put vertical wire support around the pot to hold the plant up as it grows taller. If you are using a small pot, put down stakes along the sides of the pot to support the stems as it grows. Tomatoes are sensitive to low temperatures which means you may need to take them inside in the winter.


It’s good to have basil handy when you need it. Fresh basil is great for adding to soups and pasta. If you grow too much, you can always make it into pesto which is ideal for spreads. Opt for a 6-inch pot placed in a corner where it can get lots of sunlight. You can buy young basil cuttings from your local nursery or opt to plant from seeds. Basil seeds are easily available online.


Bell peppers are easy to germinate and the seedlings can withstand replanting fairly easily. They also look beautiful when planted in containers. Make sure your container has good drainage and place it in a place where it can get lots of sunlight. Also, make sure to keep it moist with consistent watering.


This is another herb that grows nicely inside medium-sized pots or even smaller ones that you can put on your kitchen windowsill. The best thing about parsley is that it doesn’t need that much sunlight which means you can keep your pot indoors. Make sure your potting soil is kept moist at all times, but don’t overwater. Grow your parsley in a raised garden bed with a grow grid if you want to grow your parsley with other herbs in one container, like the one Keter Urban offers on Amazon.


There’s no sight more appealing than brightly colored radishes spilling over your planter. Radishes grow quickly, allowing you to harvest a few months after planting. They also make great additions to dishes and salads. Place your planter in a place where it can get full sun or partial shade and make sure that your planter offers good drainage to avoid root rot. Try the Multicolor Radish Seed Packet from Seed Needs for a colorful harvest. These packets also come with handy instructions on how to grow your vegetable garden for a foolproof start.

You have so many options when it comes to container gardening, even if this is your first time to try your hand at growing your own food at home. Get started with these foolproof vegetable choices and start enjoying your container garden today!