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So you are searching out steps to grow a vegetable garden? It’s an exciting thought. There are several ways you can go about it. Ask yourself a few key questions first. What kind of space do you have? Do you have a yard area where you can plant directly into the ground? Or is your outdoor space a deck or patio like mine was in Key Largo?

Then, what is your budget? When we first started gardening, my budget was smaller than a shoestring! I bought the cheapest soil I could find, my neighbor gave me pots and I ordered the seeds online. And everything went out on our deck.

Regardless what you have and your budget, confirm your chosen area gets at least 6 hours of sunlight each day. If not, can you help your garden along with grow lights?

Then, decide how you want to build (the articles below will help you make this decision). Container Garden? Raised Garden? Directly into ground? Vertical garden? SO many choices!

Let’s get started. Shall we?


Practical Tips for First Time Gardeners

Simple but encouraging first steps from an experienced farmer and gardener. For those who want to know how to start gardening but are not sure where to begin this website is good place to start.

The How To’s of Starting a Vegetable Garden

The Seasoned Homemaker gives a great overall idea on how to start a vegetable garden. She hits all the basics too: what type of garden should you start, should you choose seeds or starter plants, how to water, pest defense, etc.

$25 Will Get You a Great Vegetable Garden

For $25, Brown Thumb Mama will teach you can build a raised bed vegetable garden WITH plants and grow enough food to make back your money in no time.

Here I give you the how to and plans for building your own raised garden bed.

Never Go To the Store For Salad Makings Again

How fun is this idea? To be honest, I have to confess this is kinda where I started (and still where I am). I decide on the vegetables I eat the most and plant those.

I also choose the vegetables that are a little more costly here AND that we eat regularly-like bell peppers. Kevin and I go through 2-3 each week and they are currently $1.79 apiece up here (nonorganic). ARGGHHH! I would actually eat more if they were not so damaging to the grocery budget! Learn more here!

Build Your Garden on Your Balcony

Den Garden does a great job of explaining how she plants her vegetables and herbs on her balcony. Great for ideas and inspiration for you balcony and patio dwellers.

I built a Gronomics Elevated Garden bed on our deck and have used it ever since. It has worked out really well!

Create a Container Vegetable Garden

Do you need or prefer to container garden? Then Carrie from Coupon Closet will give you the basics on how to get started.

Here is my guide on everything you need to know on how to grow vegetables in containers. I talk about everything from what can you grow, to how to water, to fertilizer and pest/disease control.

DIY Raised Garden Beds

Fun and quite detailed infographic on how to build a raised garden. They sure made it look easy! Are you eyeing your yard yet?!? Square foot gardening is probably the most efficient way to make use of your space.

Grow Your Vegetables Indoors

Do you need or want to grow your garden indoors? Is it winter and you’re going stir crazy? Yes? Then indoor vegetable gardening is totally for you! Beginning steps are listed here. You just need to pick up a few tools of the trade and you’re off and running! Grow A Good Life shows you how here.

The Basics of Starting Your First Vegetable Garden

This is the absolute basics for starting a vegetable garden indoors with seeds. Stay Gold Autumn goes step by step on how and what seedlings to plant. This is a good place to start if you have never gardened before. I started my seeds in the winter with the Jiffy Seed Starter Trays. It worked out pretty well-especially for my peppers.


Now you know the beginning steps to start a vegetable garden. There is a lot to consider but the process is oodles of fun! Pretty exciting, yes? Now, let’s do some planting!