gardening gifts for kids
Are you trying to encourage a little gardener or outdoor lover in the family? These fun and even useful gardening gifts for kids will make your shopping SO much easier. No scrolling through dozens of items on Amazon agonizing over what to get. Now, you can scan my list and simply choose the presents you know your child will love most and Voila! Finito! Isn’tthatbeautiful?!?

Gardening Gifts For Children

1. Wee Enchanted Fairy Garden – Amazon #1 Gardening Gift

Creativity for Kids Enchanted Fairy Garden Craft Kit - Fairy Crafts for KidsCreativity for Kids Enchanted Fairy Garden Craft Kit – Fairy Crafts for Kids

As of this writing, this is actually Amazon’s top gardening gift. It is an adorable little kit that you can put together with your child. It comes with everything except water! Potting dish. Enchanted flower house. Flowers. Butterflies. Potting soil. Seeds.

This kit will give your child the chance to show his or her creativity as they paint and decorate their fairy garden.

Recommended for kids age 7 and up.


2. Vegetable Garden with Root Viewer

Toysmith Deluxe Root Viewer - Comes With Soil and SeedsToysmith Deluxe Root Viewer – Comes With Soil and Seeds

This is probably one of my fav garden gifts for kids. You know what I love most? You can start it indoors right away! Is it December 25 and snowing like banshees outside – OR – the middle of Summer in Florida and there is NO WAY on God’s green earth you are stepping outside to plant anything-no matter how much you love your child! This little garden set has you covered!

It is a clear, plastic planter that comes with soil and vegetable seeds. It allows your child to watch her vegetables grow indoors. It even comes with the soil and seeds: radishes, carrots and green onions. What a great science project AND an excellent way to generate enthusiasm for the next growing season.

You can promise her a little plot in the yard so she can grow even MORE vegetables!


3. Kangaroo’s Kids Garden Tools

Kangaroo's Kids Garden Tools; Gardening Tools For KidsKangaroo’s Kids Garden Tools; Gardening Tools For Kids

This little gardener’s kit is actually a high quality one that comes with a hand trowel, rake and shovel. The manufacturer states these are actual gardening tools – not toys. The handles are made of wood and the tool part of metal.

The reviewers praise them for their sturdiness and strength.

The tools are 8 ½” long. Recommended for ages 3 through 12.


4. Live Bug and Butterfly Village Habitat

Nature Bound Live Bug and Butterfly Village Habitat ToyNature Bound Live Bug and Butterfly Village Habitat Toy

This mesh container was created specifically as a habitat for bugs and butterflies. The fun part of this toy is that it comes with a mail in voucher for five butterfly larvae and their food. The description does say that part is sold separately. However, a reviewer stated that he only paid shipping and handling with the coupon.

You can also do more than grow butterflies in this. It will hold other insects or bugs your child brings home. It has both a large door to accommodate a net and a small door for putting your child’s new finds in it.

The habitat is 10” x 10” x 12” and recommended for ages 5 through 12.


5. Giant Plastic Bug Toys

Plastic Bug Toys - 18 Colorful Giant Insect Figures - By Insect LorePlastic Bug Toys – 18 Colorful Giant Insect Figures – By Insect Lore

Justincase you don’t want any live bugs in your house…here is an alternative! This kit comes with 18 giant sized bugs for your child to play with.

I actually see this as a great learning toy. It’s a very safe way to teach our kids about the insects around us without having to worry about them biting, stinging – or getting lost in the house.

** It also comes with a carrying case so that all those little foot impalers can be put away after play is over.

Beetles. Flies. Caterpillars. Ants. Spiders. Etc. Recommended for ages 4 and up.


6. Metal Wheelbarrow with Shovel and Rake

Janod Metal Wheelbarrow with 1 Shovel and 1 RakeJanod Metal Wheelbarrow with 1 Shovel and 1 Rake

This is a legit metal wheelbarrow but for the smaller humans. Recommended for toddlers.

The description states the toy is made for ages 3 to 8 but almost all of the reviewers feel it is far too small for anybody over the age of 3.

The wheelbarrow is metal with a bright green tub and red handles. There are rubber ends on the handles to keep your child from hurting herself. The wheel is plastic but should hold up just fine.

Measures 24.5” x 11.5” x 12.5”. The spade and rake are each 7.5 inches long.


7. Larger Wheelbarrow With Garden Tool Set

Wheelbarrow for Kids and Garden Tool SetWheelbarrow for Kids and Garden Tool Set

I included this wheelbarrow because it is larger and will better fit kids up to age 7 or 8. The wheelbarrow is made out of metal with a steel undercarriage that gives it extra durability. It too has rubber handles on the end to protect your little one’s hands.

The tool set is especially cool as it is a real canvas tote bag that comes with a metal/wood trowel, shovel and rake. There is room for more items as well such as gardening gloves or seed packets.

Small warning. I did read that it was a little difficult to assemble.


8. Fisher Price Bubble Mower

Fisher-Price Bubble MowerFisher-Price Bubble Mower

This Fisher Price mower is the #1 Best Seller in Toy Gardening Equipment right now. It’s pretty darn cute actually. It blows bubbles, makes mowing sounds and moves the “motor” as your child pushes it along your lawn or driveway. While you are out mowing your lawn, your child will be mowing alongside you while also getting some exercise.

It even comes with the bubble solution.

Recommended for ages 2 to 5 years.


9. Full Size (for Kids) Garden Tool Set

4-Piece Kids Garden Tools Set, Rake, Spade, Hoe and Leaf Rake4-Piece Kids Garden Tools Set, Rake, Spade, Hoe and Leaf Rake

This full size garden tool set comes with two types of rakes, a hoe and a shovel. Very colorful but sturdy with a real metal head that is stronger and thicker for standing up to any kid’s garden play. The handles are wooden.

The tools are 27.5 inches long and recommended for kids age 7 and up. They do give a warning that adult supervision is recommended. I would imagine this is due to the sharp edges on the shovel and hoe. Having said that, what a great set to give your kids so they can take care of their own garden plot!

Order some of their favorite vegetable and flower seeds and let them create! I wish I had discovered gardening while my kids were young. They could have learned SO much about the circle of life AND wonders of Mother Nature! <sigh>


10. 12-Piece Gardening Toys Tools Set For Toddlers and Young Kids

12 Piece Gardening Toys Tools Set For Kids And Toddlers12 Piece Gardening Toys Tools Set For Kids And Toddlers

This adorable 12-piece set is quite comprehensive. There are all the typical tools one would expect in a garden set except they added a pair of garden scissors, spray bottle, and three pots with plant markers. All you have to supply is the soil and seeds!

The tools are clearly made for small hands and are promoted as child safe.

Everything is made of plastic.


11. Build-a-Bouquet Floral Arrangement Playset – Made from 100% Recycled Plastic

Green Toys Build-a-Bouquet Floral Arrangement PlaysetGreen Toys Build-a-Bouquet Floral Arrangement Playset

I added this to the list because first, it’s cute and second it is made from 100% recycled plastic milk jugs! Love! Love!

This play set has 44 pieces. There are four bases, 16 stems and leaves, and 24 flower pieces. The flower species are lilies, petunias and daisies. Your child can mix and match any way he or she wants to create the floral arrangements.

The plastic is BPA, phthalates and PVC free thus is safe for the recommended age group of 2 and up.


12. Kids Backyard Bug Catchers Exploration Science Kit

Kids Backyard Bug Catchers Exploration Kit. Plastic Bug Container with Magnifier and TongsKids Backyard Bug Catchers Exploration Kit. Plastic Bug Container with Magnifier and Tongs

This kit is for those kids who love to bring home bugs and crawly things. That was me! I kept all kinds of bugs and insects as a kid. Awww. Such memories!

Okay. Refocus. This kit comes with a nice sized bug holder that has two magnifying glasses in it so your child can check out her find. A gridded bottom so she can measure and of course, a handle for carrying her bug jar around! The lid has air holes so our bugs can have some of that vital oxygen. It also comes with a pair of tongs for picking said bugs up.

Future entomologist anyone?


13. Elephant Watering Can

Elephant Watering Can, 2 Quart, GrayElephant Watering Can, 2 Quart, Gray

This adorable elephant watering can will definitely motivate any kid to water those plants she is growing! It is 8 inches tall and 15 inches long and holds two quarts of water.

As of this writing, it is actually the #1 Best Seller in Watering Cans.


Shopping for kids is always fun. It’s even more fun when we can find them something that will get them away from the TV and using their brain. Maybe squeeze in a little physical activity too! My list of gardening gifts for kids will not only teach them how to love nature but will also develop their minds and bodies. What more can we ask for?