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Since you know gardening is a hobby for dad why not get him a gift that he will love and supports his passion?

Which momentous day is coming up that makes you hunt for useful gardening presents for him? Is it Father’s Day, his birthday, Christmas, what am I missing…? Regardless, it’s a challenge. Figuring out what to get him that he will like and hopefully make use of is something of a brain buster. You hate to buy him another flannel shirt or coffee mug...Since you know gardening is a hobby for him why not get him something that he will love and supports his passion?

Gardening Gift Ideas For Men

Under $25

Hori Hori Gardening Knife

A Hori Hori knife is a Japanese gardening knife. It is actually a weeding knife on steroids. It also cuts, digs, saws, plants and transplants. The blade is a stainless steel, full tang blade that is concave on one side so he can scoop with it too. The handle is made out of tropical Rose Hardwood which makes it decay resistant. It is also called a crucial camping or survival kit knife. It does come with a carrying case. Protected by a lifetime guarantee too!

Gardener’s tool belt

This heavy canvas tool belt is a great way to cart around gardening tools yet keep the hands free! The pockets are deep and the waist expands to 53 inches. Will even hold his Kindle if he wants!

Boot scraper

Are your gardeners always tracking in mud and dirt? Then get this very useful boot scraper. I had NO idea how annoying that grime was until we moved to No Flo and Kevin and I started tracking in caked up sand (We do not have soil here. Sand. ALL SAND! And we are not on the coast. Go figure.).

It is impossible to get off our boots without this scraper. Even after the scraper has gotten all the big chunks I still have to beat our boots against the deck to get the rest.

Bat house/Shelter

I have been on a quest to eradicate mosquitoes from my yard and have read bats will eat up to 1,200 mosquitoes per hour. That’s a LOT of mosquitoes!! If your gardener has a mosquito (or even flying bug) problem, get him a bat house.

He can nail it to a tree or put on a pole in the yard. Consider this one of those fun gardening gifts for dad where you make comments on how you kids used to make dad go “batty!”

Insulated Garden Gloves

Does your gardener work outside in cold weather? If so, he will really appreciate these gloves. They are cold proof all the way down to -20F.

Additionally, the deerskin suede palm is very flexible allowing him to easily perform his tasks while outside…so that he can get back inside quicker! This particular brand comes in three colors: tan-black, grey-black, denim-black.

Garden Stool with Cool Detachable Canvas Tool Bag

This necessary gardening gift is not only a canvas folding stool but also has a detachable tool bag (with handles) and comes with a five-piece garden tool set.

The bag also has a special pocket for a mobile device. The stool can hold up to 250lbs. This gardening set covers all the bases for usefulness and makes a great present!

Mushroom Growing Kit

Is your gardener a mushroom fan? These fun mushroom growing kits are an excellent way for him to grow his own organic mushrooms at home.

The included 3lb log that the mushrooms grow on makes the whole growing process incredibly enjoyable. Detailed instructions make the whole process very simply. The company promises 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Gardening Knee Pads

Are his knees starting to bother him? Have you caught him wincing when he gets up off the ground? Maybe you just want to be proactive…Gardening knee pads are a great tool for every gardener who kneels to tend to his plants.

These particular knee pads were created specifically with gardeners in mind. The butterfly shape means they provide great range of motion but keep circulation going to his legs and feet. The padding is memory foam.

Are you shopping gardening gifts for women too? Click here to check that list out. 

Under $75

Flame Throwing Butane Weeder

Sounds fun and crazy at the same time, yes? These Butane Weeders allow your gardener to kill weeds without using herbicide OR fighting to pull them out of the ground.

The handle is 23 inches and the gas hose is 10-feet which makes it easier to get into those far corners of the yard where the weeds like to hide! This will save your gardener’s back AND give him some enjoyment while he cleans up the yard!

Digital Weather Station

This digital weather station is perfect for those gadget geek gardeners! It pulls the data from a wireless, weather-resistant sensor that is placed out in the yard.

It gives the weather forecast, high/low temp, humidity, barometric pressure, moon phase and time/date! Super nifted out!!!


It would be great if he had a pair of binoculars while he was out gardening so he could examine the birds (or other wildlife) that surround him don’t you think?

This pair from Polaris are considered perfect for birdwatching. Of course, he could use them at the next baseball game or concert too…

Mini Greenhouse

Is he running out of shelving for his plants or has he mentioned how he would like to begin growing seedlings inside on those cold, wintry days? Consider this Gardman 4-shelf mini greenhouse then.

It is 27in long x 18in wide x 63in high. It also comes with a clear polyethylene cover that zips so those seedlings can be protected or covered if needed. This is great for a south facing window inside the house or maybe a deck or balcony.

Under $125

Leaf Mulcher

If his yard is like ours, your gardener’s leaves are OUT of control! And what do you do with them after you rake them up? Leave them in big piles? No! Send them all to the landfill. What a waste. How about mulching them and then adding to a compost pile.

Your gardener probably already has a compost pile anyway. This leaf mulcher will make short work of those PILES of leaves and help him fertilize his plants.

Folding All Terrain Wagon Cart

An all terrain wagon cart is a great gift for not only carrying items throughout his garden but also can multitask as a beach or camping cart!

This particular wagon has a telescoping handle for those taller men and easily folds up when he is finished with it. It is 35x19x37 inches and holds up to 150 lbs.

Cordless Chainsaw

Cordless chainsaws are a necessity if you cut trees or firewood often. Is your gardener in need of an updated or new one? Get him this 12-inch Black and Decker battery operated saw then.

The 30 volt Lithium battery holds a charge for up to 18 months. The blade tensioner is tool free and this beast does not require manual oiling or priming.

Pole Chain Saw

Kevin has one of these. In fact, I should take it away from him. The first weekend he got it, he told me he was only going to cut a few dead branches that were blocking the sun from peeking through my front window.

I went out after a few hours and there were tree branches e.v.e.r.y.w.h.e.r.e! Not just dead branches either! The next day, he was right back at it but in the backyard. He also used it to cut our out of control undergrowth.

Tool guys really like this pole saw! The telescoping pole allows your gardener to reach branches 15 feet up. The motor is strong enough to cut branches up to 7 ½ inches thick. This is totally one of the greatest gardening presents for men!

Steel Utility Garden Cart/Wagon

This utility garden cart will come in very handy for the gardeners who have a lot of hauling to do. This Sandusky Lee model is steel and will hold 800-1000lb. That’s a LOT of sand, logs, plants, etc.

The sides will fold or he can remove them. The handle comes off so it can be attached to a riding mower or whatever else he wants to pull it with. This cart is 21 3/4 in high, 48 in long and 24 in wide.

Under $200

Backyard compost tumbler

You know what I like most about this composter? It is on legs! Which makes it easy to fill, tumble, etc. This Yimbly Composter holds 37 gallons and saves your gardener the trouble of having to turn the compost over by hand.

Instead, a few turns every couple of days is all it needs. And assuming the composter got enough sun and heat, and the proper balance of ingredients was added, then he can have compost in as little as two weeks. I can already hear his seedlings thanking him!

Out of all the gardening gift ideas for him, why this? Well, these composters quickly speed up the process of turning waste into compost. Like along the lines of 10 weeks sooner. And this is assuming it is during summer. If winter, then compost takes significantly longer.


Thanks to this wide and varied assortment of gardening presents for him, you should have no problem choosing something that he will absolutely love AND that will be useful or helpful for him. Now picking out gifts has become fun and enjoyable again!

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