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Don’t you love planning weddings swear everyone I know is getting married!)? Regardless of the season, garden weddings are THE best! I thought it might be fun to find inexpensive garden themed wedding favors for those of us who love the earth and want to incorporate Mother Nature into our wedding!

Another thing I love about these garden favors is many of them will either be planted and put to good use (i.e. eco-friendly), watered and loved on for years, or simply kept forever because they are so darn cute!


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As I was hunting for favors, I kept seeing phrases like “mason jars are so 2012” and “Seed bombs are all the rage!” Ignore them! This is YOUR wedding and if you want mason jars in every corner of your reception hall then you go get those jars and set them out with pride!

Phew. Off my soapbox now! Moving on… 🙂 For those of you who are concerned about the environment, like to live minimally or just plain love nature-these wedding favors are for you. Enjoy!

Some wedding themes that came to mind while I was hunting: spring is in bloom, the hidden garden, faerie-tale, living and loving simply, eco loving and living, fall harvest, winter wonderland. Over the top? Too silly? Welcome to Amy’s world!

Let’s get started. Shall we?


Mini Flower Pots Wedding Favors


These mini flower pots wedding favors are sure to capture everybody’s heart and will definitely make a wonderful wedding favor. The picture above shows potted African Violets. Other wonderful flower ideas might be: miniature roses or yellow daffodils.

Daffodils in pots are the epitome of a spring wedding.

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Wrapped in Burlap versus potting

A clever, cute and economical way to “pot” your plants is to wrap them in burlap. Here they are tied with a sweet little ribbon and a tag is attached with the couple’s name. Instead, on one side you could provide instructions for how to keep the plant alive and on the other put a fun quote AND your names. 

Mini Potted Fir or Pine Trees

Miniature potted Meyer’s Spruce as a wedding favor.

Is your wedding around the holidays or are you getting married in the forest? Then these adorable little favors fit right in with your theme. Consider giving everyone a little card with planting instructions so these sweet little trees can continue to thrive. 

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Mini Potted Succulents

These miniature potted succulents are beyond adorable and you can get really creative with how you pot and display them. A sure guest pleaser! Additionally, succulents are incredibly low-maintenance. Another plus!

DIY – How to make your own potted succulent wedding favors

These basic and easy instructions give you the scoop on how to pot your succulent wedding favors. You can get super creative here. Paint the clay pot in the wedding colors. Or find a container that you feels fits your wedding theme better.

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Mini Potted Herbs or Vegetables

These garden wedding party favors are actually locally grown potted heirloom tomatoes. Now HOW inventive is that?!? Who does not love fresh tomatoes? Not only are you helping out a local nursery with your purchase and the exposure but you are giving a lasting gift to all of your guests! This is the ultimate in eco-friendly. Instead of farm to table it would be farm to wedding!

Make sure everybody takes home a “How to Care for your Tomato Plant” card!

These are potted mini Mint herb wedding favors. The plant labels say “Mint To Be.” SO fun!

There are so many herbs you could use for this too. Rosemary and basil are two of my favorites because they are so fragrant. There are certain varieties of Thyme that bloom very pretty flowers. Those would also be a big hit.

Garden Seeds Wedding Favors

Seed Bombs

Seed bombs are great garden theme wedding favors! Not only are they really cute but your guests will put them to good use. And when their flowers grow, they will always think of you!

Creative tip: Pressing dried flowers into them totally enhances the attractiveness of this wedding favor. You could roll the seed bomb into a bowl of dried flowers before setting out to dry.

Oh, did I mention they are super easy to make?!?

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Seed Packets

These daisy seed wedding favors are SO sweet! Who doesn’t love daisies?!? This is a great inexpensive, yet personal wedding favor that your guests will love! 

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Sunflower Seeds Wedding Favors

Sunflower seed packets wedding favors. Super adorable. Wrapped in burlap bags with a ribbon and silk sunflower completes the look! 

These mini watering cans with sunflower seeds and a silk sunflower are ADORBS, ADORBS! What a fun and enchanting wedding or shower favor this would be. Who would not fall in love with these! 

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Miniature Terrariums

These Mason Jar Terrariums could be incredibly cute, affordable fall wedding favors by adding fall blooming flowers such has asters or heleniums. You could use various sizes based on the display or purpose. Larger ones for the display tables and smaller ones for wedding favors. Who would not love to take one of these home?!? 

Fairy Terrariums

These fairy terrarium wedding favors are wonderful for either a Woodland or My Secret Garden wedding. 

DIY – Build Your Own Terrarium Wedding Favors

Terrarium centerpieces and wedding favors are a really fun idea. Let your creativity gene go wild here. You can put in colored glass, seashells, sand, etc. You also have a lot of flexibility of which plants you can use. Ferns, succulents, air plants, flowers, etc.

I recommend you pick up the moss, activated charcoal, small stones, etc. at your local craft store. That’s where you will get the best prices. 

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Birdseed Wedding Favors

This a fun idea for your garden or nature wedding. These heart birdseed wedding favors are not only cute but they are a consumable and eco-friendly!

Since they used a cookie cutter for shaping, your possibilities are endless! How about a daisy or a maple leaf (for fall/winter wedding)?

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I admit it is very difficult to stay focused when searching for wedding favors. They ALL look so fun and cute! Fortunately, there are many paths to making inexpensive garden themed wedding favors. Pinterest is an amazing website for helping us get the creative juices flowing AND finding out how others implemented the idea that’s in our head.

If you make any of these for your own wedding or shower, send me a link to your pin and I will share it out so all the other brides to be can be equally as inspired!