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Gardening Gift Ideas for Men fb

From the gardener who is a weekend warrior to the die-hard in the dirt every day gardening is his obsession kinda guy, these gardening gifts for men will have him singing your praises in thanks for how well you “got” him!

Finding men’s gardening gifts can take some effort. How do you know what they would want or possibly need?

The gifts below are both fun and useful – some more fun than useful – and some more useful than fun! Regardless, they will be much appreciated AND put into good use the second he tears off the wrapping paper. You will find gifts such as the super popular all-in-one Hori Hori knife shown below to an incredibly popular and handy digital weather station. Both useful AND fun, amIright??


Really Cool Gardening Gift Ideas For Men

Sun Joe Pressure Washer

So I am actually a little jealous as I write this out. I WANT a pressure washer! They are SO handy to have around. From power washing his deck, to the siding on his house, to washing his car, this amazing tool is a must have for pretty much every household. Your gardener will LOVE this gift! 💕

And this particular model from Sun Joe has over 22,000 reviews. Pretty impressive!

Collapsible Folding Utility Wagon

This all terrain wagon cart is a great gift for not only carrying his tools around his vegetable garden but also can be used to haul his goods to the park or his fav outdoor sporting events (it has two cup holders even)!

It is 35 x 20 x 23 inches and holds up to 150 lbs. The best part is it will collapse all the way down to 8″ thick so he can easily store away when not using – although I suspect it will be used daily out in the garden…🥬


Who does NOT want a hammock in their backyard to enjoy the gorgeous oasis they have created?!? Talk about a gift that will be used from the moment it is set up! Seriously. I can already see the kids fighting over it.

In fact, I suspect you may be accused of buying it just so you can lay in it and admire his gorgeous garden. 😉 🌻

BTW, this hammock comes in a ton of colors!

Fun and Safe Fly Eradication Gun

Your gardener will have a ton of fun with the this Bug-A-Salt Salt Gun!

This extreme fly killing machine uses less than a pinch of salt to take out those annoying pesky flies and bugs. It has a range of up to 3ft away and is completely non-toxic so the kids and pets are not hurt when the gun is used indoors.

It is powered by pump-action so no batteries needed. LOTS of fun to use!

Hori Hori Gardening Utility Knife

A Hori Hori knife is a Japanese gardening knife. It is actually a weeding knife on steroids. It also cuts, digs, saws, plants and transplants. The blade is a stainless steel, full tang blade that is concave on one side so he can scoop with it too.

The handle is made out of tropical Rose Hardwood which makes it decay resistant. It is also called a crucial camping or survival kit knife. It comes with a carrying case. Protected by a lifetime guarantee too!

This is definitely one of the best gardening gifts for dad!

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More Men’s Gardening Gifts!

Propane Fire Pit Table

Propane fire pits allow your gardener to build a fire in no time in his yard – so that you can all come over  and roast marshmallows! 🔥

The beauty in investing in one of these babies is you all still get to sit around a campfire but without the smoke,  ashes and required aftercare. 

Propane fire pits are also incredibly easy to set up and use.  Make sure you add a bag of marshmallows to this gift, k!

AeroGarden Indoor Hydroponic Garden

This cool planter allows your gardener to grow his herbs or salad greens indoors easily. The beauty in this is it doesn’t matter what the temperature is outside ⛄, fresh herbs and salad makings are available at the snip of the scissors!

Includes the herb seed kit mix so he can get started right away.

**Get him the salad greens mix seed pod kit too so he can experiment!

Tabletop Griddle and Outdoor Grill

This portable 22″ tabletop griddle is on Amazon’s Most Wished For list in Patio, Lawn & Garden. And I can see why.

Your gardener can break this out for backyard parties, when he goes camping OR for tailgaiters at his fav games!

There are adjustable heat zones on this one too so he can heat up beans on one side and cook up the burgers on the other.

Digital Weather Station

(Best of the Garden Gadgets For Men Right Here!)

Is your gardener a total gadget geek? Then THIS gift is for him!

This LaCrosse digital weather station works by pulling the data from a wireless, weather-resistant sensor that is placed out in the yard. 🌡️

It gives the weather forecast, high/low temp, humidity, barometric pressure, moon phase and the time and date sets itself! Super nifted out!!!

In my mind, one of the best options that this weather station offers is alert settings for high and low temperatures. i.e. when it is going to frost something we gardeners need to know in advance! 👨🏽‍🌾

Window Bird Feeder

This super cute transparent window bird feeder has almost 10,000 reviews! ‘Nuff said. Clearly much loved. 

Your bird lover can put this on the window right next to his fav chair so he can enjoy God’s creation up close and personal.

Easy to fill and easy to clean. The suction cups have a lifetime “strongest suction cups guarantee.” What more can you ask for?

Bird Watching, Hunting & Sports Binoculars

Every outdoor lover needs a really good pair of binoculars. Is your gardener in need of a good pair? 

This set of Adorgan 12×42 binoculars has almost 6500 reviews of happy customers. 

It’s perfect for everything from bird watching to hunting to concerts to watching his favorite ball game (from the nosebleed section if necessary!). 

Let’s Shop!

Thanks to all of these choices of gardening gifts for men, you will have no problem choosing something that he will absolutely love and may even make his gardening life a little easier (and more fun!).

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