Are you on the hunt for the best vegetable gardening bloggers? If so, look no further! We have found them all: from the best vegetable garden blogs to the best organic gardening blogs, from Arizona to Maine. Find them all here!

For some, the idea of gardening is like a charge of excitement coursing through their veins awaiting release. For others it is a journey begun with leaps and bounds but needs smoothing.

While yet, for some, gardening is now a lifestyle; they are seasoned in it and can talk about it any time of day. Whatever group is yours, here are the top gardening blogs that will take you on to the next phase of your learning!

Pacific Northwest Gardening with Erica 

Professional chef now on the homesteading-craze Erica is the choice of blogger for the one who seeks the depth of healthy eating pre-gardening, during garden and after the harvest with some nutritional recipes.

Seasonal Wisdom Through Gardening, Food and Folklore 

With luscious pictures of fruits and vegetables you can almost taste the nutrition in there. Teresa takes you through the step by step DIY technical guides to managing your gardening activities. If you are looking for extra tutorials, this is the blog to follow.

Cold Climate Gardening 

There is neither limit nor condition for the gardener who knows their way around each climactic condition. This is the blog for you if you want to learn specialized gardening for the cold climate temperatures; featuring the plant varieties and techniques for getting the most from your plants.

Digging Deep with Pam Penick 

Getting it lively and informative for the total absorption of gardening goodness she says she “digs up” wherever she goes. Pam is your choice if you are the fun-style staying-up-to-date follower.

North Coast Gardening 

For the love of literature. Follow up on informed, current news on garden maintenance, wildlife and birds. Genevieve talks about food from the garden and even finds time to give us gorgeous gardening designer tips.

Ramblings from a Desert Garden 

The AZ lady surely knows how to make gardening in the desert inspirational. While talking gardening, she also makes it a family affair. One can only marvel at the extent to which this hobby can bring so much benefit through nutrition and relationship.

The HortiCult 

Going Green and loving it; gardening is Chantal and Ryan’s addiction and they make it so much fun. With an award for Best Gardening blog with Better Homes and Gardens, this is a blog to follow simply for the love of green!

With Kylee and Our Little Acre 

Get egg-cellent ideas on how to get the most from your poultry layers. Kylee gives you the information with so much humour and wit you can’t help but love her. Follow her for the best in chicken breeding and other awesome gardening activities!

Grow Your Own Food and Live Better!

Therapy is achieved in so many ways but the cheapest is what Caroline believes to be the most effective: Gardening. Both the activity and the produce are good ways of improving your lifestyle in a wholesome way. Learn how from Cowlick Cottage.

Kathryn Plant Whatever Brings You Joy

Kathryn is a well traveled gardener and writer. She writes about everything from thought provoking garden essays to her awe over Lady Banks Roses. She teaches us to be conscious gardeners and respect the environment in which we plant our flora.

Helen’s Haven 

The master gardener is one who seeks to find the one class of gardening they excel in and learn it well enough to create a haven of their own. Find out how to create your own world in the garden with Helen and do it with confidence.

Harmony in the Garden 

Rebecca calls her blog “Gossiping in the Garden” but she covers everything from art and color in the garden to vertical gardening to showcasing some of our countries most beautiful public gardens. Follow her and learn how to design a neighbor-envious garden!

Tilly’s Nest 

Everyone is clucking about this Instagram focused website featuring gardening activities from chicken keeping to Beekeeping to crafts and gardening. Follow her and get regular tips on all things gardening. Melissa, the creator of Tilly’s Nest, has even thrown in some poultry poetry for you!

The Small Town Gardener 

Start by checking out the inspiring gardening quotes by greats such as Thoreau and Oscar Wilde on the home page of Marianne’s blog. Then move into the humorously delivered gentle gardening advice-of which there is plenty!

All on Sustainable Gardening Anna 

Follow this blog if you would like to learn how your garden harvested produce can be your home essentials in so many more ways than just for food and flavoring.

Miss Smarty Plants 

Keri Byrum was awarded Top 100 Gardening Blog for her outdoors experience discussions, gardening and plant advice. Follow her and learn more about being in tune with Mother Nature.

The Garden Nerd! 

Looking for bushels of information on organic gardening through community discussions and instant question answering resources, Gardenerd is the blogger to follow if you want answers for –well –anything!

Jeanne’s Home Garden Joy 

For those of you who are new to gardening, this site will help you with the basics. Jeanne learned through hard experience when she quit her job to start farming and gardening that there is joy in ‘growing a life instead of making a living’.

Jeanne's books

The DIY Backyard Farmer 

There is the desire in you to go green but then you are afraid of how much change you will have to undergo; particularly financially? With Greg's 2009 baby steps guide, you will learn just how to sustain yourself while living purely on organic gardening.

Steps toward Sustainability  

Take charge of what goes into your stomach, as advised by the backyard farm. Follow this blogger to learn just how to manage what goes into your mouth by growing it yourself the clean way!

By following any one of these bloggers, you are sure to get insightful information on the gardening class and skill you would like to know more about. You also get to share your expertise on some blogs as many offer community participation. So regardless of which point in the gardening path you are at, these bloggers will help you move to the next level.

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