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Growing your own garden is one of the few life’s joys and pleasures that can stay at your side every single day. Seeing the work of your hands and enjoying your own garden goes a long way to ensure that you are happy and satisfied with what you’ve accomplished. Add to that the fact that you can grow your own vegetables and enjoy the benefits of a hearty meal without having to go to the store!

However, part of learning how to grow a small garden also requires you manage your time well or it just won’t happen – youknowwhatImean?!? Below, we’ve put together some tips that can help you in the process of managing your garden and can also enable you to save quite a lot of time.

1. Win the Weed War

There is no doubt that weeding is one of the most time-consuming tasks you can go through. Because they are invasive plants, they can get out of control if left to spread. You can save time weeding during the year if you manage to remove the weeds early in the spring, right when they spring (no pun intended!) their ugly heads.

You can easily remove weeds using an organic weedkiller. You can apply the solution directly to the leaves since it can travel down the roots and kill the entire weed. You can also apply weedkiller solution on drives and paths to ensure they won’t be targeted by weeds in the near future.

Of course, you can also win the weed war using weed barrier fabric. Cut X-shapes into the fabric and plans your plants in there.

2. Stop Focusing on the Lawn

Another method to save a lot of time managing your garden is to invest less time mowing your lawn. One extra inch of grass hasn’t killed anybody. You can even plant a bunch of wildflowers on your lawn if you want a new patch of color.

You can also feed your lawn with organic lawn fertilizer during the fall to promote root growth and make the grass more drought-tolerant.

3. Apply Mulch

Mulch is a solid or organic material that smothers the soil and improves soil structure and nutrient levels. Applying mulch can help your flowers and plants grow quickly while preventing weeds from spreading. You can find the best mulch here.

4. Use Watering Crystals

Wasting precious time on watering your garden is not what you want to do during the weekend. Instead, add watering slices and crystals to pots when planting them. These crystals slowly release the water they absorbed when the soil is dried out.

5. Grow Easy to Care Plants

Ultimately, you can save time when managing your garden by growing plants that are easy to care for and suit your soil. You can use Mediterranean plants like geranium, sedum or rosemary to make your garden drought-tolerant, or use hydrangea or heather for exposed gardens.