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Gardens are often misunderstood, neglected and forgotten. However, something that’s even worse than a forgotten backyard is one that shows signs of trial and error that ultimately failed. People that have tried to grow herbs, have unfinished garden work or even those that occasionally use their garden for a party will find that their garden is even messier and a bigger eyesore than a garden which has just been left and never used.

If you’re tired of your garden and want something fresh, new and interesting, then we’ve got a couple of tips that can help your drastically transform your garden into a complete makeover.

Tip #1: Start with a blank slate

The best way to redesign your garden and give it a complete makeover is to start with a blank slate. This means throwing out every bit of trash that you don’t need, getting rid of old appliances and tools and stripping out any plants even if they’re half-grown. You can transfer these plants to pots and other locations to keep them growing, but for now, you just want to reset your garden and reduce it to a blank slate.

Tip #2: Design stages

Now that you have a blank slate, you can start thinking about how you want to give your garden a complete makeover. This is going to include landscaping, planning different flowers and color combinations, and also generally thinking about what you want to use your garden for. Every garden has a purpose and whether you want to design it to host big parties or want a private space to plant flowers and vegetables, you need to decide what you want to use that space for.


Tip #3: Speak to contractors and designers

With some general ideas in mind, you can then approach contractors and designers for more assistance on how you can landscape your garden, the types of seasonal produce you can grow or even the best types of flowers to plant for the upcoming season. There are a countless number of ways you can find inspiration, but we’d recommend looking online at websites such as Pinterest and Flickr where you can search with specific phrases and find thousands of relevant results.

Tip #4: DIY approach

There’s something very charming about the DIY approach to gardening. It could be painting your own fence, it could be building your own deck or even sketching and measuring out your garden so you know where to place your new flower beds. People that want to seriously turn gardening into a hobby should take the DIY approach because it helps them get familiar with the work they need to perform in order to have a beautiful garden. Of course, it’s never a bad idea to ask for help now and then.

Tip #5: Don’t overdo it

The last thing you want is to go back to step one where you have countless finished projects that just don’t make any sense. Only go with projects that can actually improve your garden and don’t try to tackle too many things at once that could ultimately leave your garden feeling ugly, unfinished and far too crowded.