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Katie has caught the gardening bug. She is hooked on growing her own vegetables and fruit. However, she has run into a few challenges in her quest to shop for produce in her own backyard. First, she has only a small space in which to grow crops. Second, her favorite food only grows certain times of the year.

What is she to do? Set up a portable greenhouse! In the reviews below, we help Katie find the best portable greenhouses on the market and feature the benefits each one provides.

With a greenhouse Katie can take back control, allowing her to grow her family’s favorite edibles all year long!

Portable greenhouse reviews

Flower House FHPH155

Flower House pop-up Plant House

This 60 inch deep, 60 inch wide and 78 inch tall pop-up greenhouse is hands down the easiest greenhouse to set up we have come across. The UV-protected cover is made out of Gro-Tec rip stop fabric. The cover’s clarity is diffused which is beneficial for leveling out the sunlight coming into your greenhouse.

There are screened vent openings to promote air circulation. These same vents can be closed to increase the humidity. There are two screened doors making it easy for you to access your crops from any direction. The floor is open allowing you to place it over the top of your existing garden.

They recommend you heat this greenhouse at night or during cold weather. It does come with a storage carry bag, shade cover and stakes.

Gardman R687 4-Tier Mini Greenhouse

The Gardman R687 Mini Greenhouse is 27" Long x 18" Wide x 63" High. This highly reviewed mini greenhouse has four 18 inch deep shelves offering a lot of space for your seed trays and small pots. The cover is a clear polyethylene that rolls up via a zippered door making it easy for you to not only access your plants but allow you to ventilate then when necessary.

The frame is made out of powder coated tubular steel and has a “push-fit assembly” making it easy to put together. No tools required either! The Gardman comes with guy ropes and metal stakes so you can properly anchor it against high winds.

Quictent Portable Large Green Greenhouse

Quictent Portable Greenhouse Green Hot House

The Quictent Portable Greenhouse is 78 inches tall, 56 inches wide and 30 inches deep. It has six mesh shelves and no floor. The benefit of it not having a floor is you can place it over the top of your existing garden if you wish. The cover is a green polyethylene with zippered door so you can access your plants easily and ventilate the greenhouse when necessary.

The frame is made out of 16mm tubular powder coated steel. According to reviewers, this Quictent greenhouse was easy to put together, the zippers are “good quality” and successfully helped many people begin their crops. There was a note of warning the shelves sag when too many plants are put on them and it must be anchored against wind or it will not hold up.

Best Choice 4 Tier Mini Greenhouse

Best Choice Products 4 Tier Mini Green House

The Best Choice 4-tier Mini Greenhouse is 63 inches high, 19 inches wide and 27 inches deep. At only 10 pounds, this lightweight greenhouse has four shelves for holding smaller plants. Due to its compact size, this is great for your balcony or patio. The cover is clear plastic with a zipper making it easy to access your plants when you need.

The frame is made out of powder coated steel bars and the cover is a polyethylene plastic. This greenhouse is easy to assemble with no tools required.

Several reviewers give a “great greenhouse” review with one stating she put her greenhouse in a spare bedroom and grew 96 sweet potato slips. Another reviewer warns the shelves do not attach but instead lay on top of the shelving bars. She recommends buying cheap cable ties to hold them in place.

OGrow Deluxe Walk-In 3 Tier 6 Shelf Portable Greenhouse

OGrow Deluxe Walk-In Portable Greenhouse

The dark green OGrow Walk-in portable greenhouse is 77 inches high, 56 inches wide and 29 inches deep. The heavy duty plastic cover is clear with Velcro connections making for easy assembly. It rolls up allowing for convenient access and moisture control.

The OGrow Greenhouse is 3 tiered with a total of 6 shelves; each one is 22.5 inches by 13.5 inches. The shelving is powder coated steel ensuring a long life. Each one can hold 75 pounds with 16 inches of spacing between each shelf.

Once again hardware is not needed for assembly.


Now that Katie has an idea what kind of greenhouses are out there which do you think she will consider the best portable greenhouse? For your own household, we recommend you start first by deciding how much room you have, where you will place the greenhouse and what are your plans for it. From there, it will help you focus on the best greenhouse kit that will best fit your needs.


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