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make your own miniature fairy gardens

Do you want to jump on the bandwagon and make your own miniature fairy garden too? Not only is it great fun for all members of the family, but it also can make an amazing gift. Below are some complete fairy garden kits that have everything you need to get started, from the container to the fairies to the decorations.

Complete Fairy Garden Kits

My Little Sandbox – Fairy Garden

It comes with a 10” x 2” sandbox container as well as the sand to use in the kit. You also receive a 20” x 20” play mat, a fun fairy workshop with a walking path, two fairies, tropical fish, mushrooms, a flying unicorn, starfish, grooming rake, and a digging shovel. SO cute!

Enchanted Fairy Garden Kit

Another mini fairy garden kit is the Enchanted Fairy Garden Kit, retailing at about $20. You can create an adorable miniature fairy garden with the enclosed illustrated instructions. Not only do you get the fairy garden dish and fairies, but plant seeds and soil too!

This kit is complete with seeds (a wheatgrass and bean mixture), container, resin fairy house, Hannah the flower fairy, toadstools, sparkling gems, pixie dust, glass stones, flowers, purple gravel, potting soil, and six acrylic paints for decorating.

* Small warning. This product is not recommended for children under 3 years old.

48-piece Fairy Garden & Dollhouse Kit

The Fairy Garden Dollhouse Miniature Ornament DIY Kit allows you to make miniature fairy gardens or add to your own dollhouse. It comes with 48 pieces AND a handy storage box!

For $7.00, you get a mushroom, fairy, two hamsters, 18 ladybugs, 10 roses, a bird’s nest, postbox, love sign, and road sign. In addition to that are hedgehogs, duck and chick, fence, books, street lights, park chairs, and the plastic storage case! What fun you or your child will have with this set!

* Small warning. This product is not recommended for children under 3 years old.

11-piece Fairy Garden Starter Kit with Hand Painted Fairy House

Make your own fairy garden house with this fun hand-painted fairy house kit! It retails for around $47.00 and comes with 10 pieces including a fairy house, two gate pieces, a bridge, and a bench.

You also get four stepping stones, two pots, and clear blue acrylic stones that simulate the appearance of water.

Take note this kit does not come with a fairy. The pieces are beautiful and the kit is highly rated by Amazon customers!

Mossfairy 10-piece Miniature Fairy Garden Mediterranean Style

The Mossfairy Complete Miniature Fairy Garden is a full kit for you to build your own Mediterranean-style fairy garden and dollhouse. All accessories are made of resin for durability.

It comes with a fairy house, moss, stairs, mushrooms, turtles, and rabbits. You just need to add your own fairies! You get all of this for $7.99.

* Take note, it is not for children under 3 due to the small pieces.


With these kits, you can easily make your own miniature fairy garden. Or at least get one started. They’re quite addicting! Let your inner child go free now!