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With the arrival of spring comes the delight of the flowering and the regrowth of plants. Left behind is the intense cold of the winter season. Spring is the time of the year when days begin to turn longer and sunnier, and when Nature regains its life and splendor. With the change in weather, we feel like going out to enjoy the warm days and spend pleasant moments with our family. What better place to enjoy a warm day than in our gardens?

Nothing is more satisfying than growing our vegetables in our garden so we can then share them with our family and friends. But how to start a vegetable garden? There are several tasks we must perform to make our garden grow successfully. For this purpose, the first thing we need to do is acquire the right gardening tools. Below are the tools you need to perform basic tasks on how to grow a small garden.

Ten Tools Every Spring Gardener Needs

We can divide the tools we will need in our garden according to their use:

1.Protection Tools

Insect bites, cuts, punctures, and limb amputations are common injuries among gardeners. For this reason, we recommend these tools to be the first ones you should buy. As in all tasks, safety comes first.


They facilitate the use and holding of tools. Gardening gloves are covered with a light and flexible material to provide some compression in the hands to minimize pain or swelling. Furthermore, gloves have small inner pads, strategically placed, so you can hold your tools tightly without having to use too much force. Gardening gloves are available at Amazon

Gardening Shoes

Many garden tools have sharp edges that can cause serious injuries. Wearing closed toe comfortable footwear is recommended to avoid injuries as well as insect bites. There is a fun and wide variety of gardening shoes available out there.

2.Weeding and Soil Tillage Tools


This tool is used to remove soil, and also to dig the furrows where we will plant the seeds. Also very useful for removing weeds.


Four main types of shovels are useful depending on the work to be done:

Flat shovel: used to pluck and cut the soil when it is soft.

Pointed shovel: useful when the soil is very hard, as it will allow us to dig a hole easily than with other types of shovels.

Wide shovel: It is mostly used for stacking and emptying substrates like soil and fertilizer and even removing plants from one site to plant them into another location.

Fork shovel: used mainly for tilling, removing, and aerating the soil. It is also useful for collecting leaves, or plant debris, removing compost, etc.


Rakes are excellent for removing, aerating and leveling soil that needs to be prepared for cultivation, or even for covering seeds, and collecting debris such as torn up weeds, or dried leaves. There is a wide variety of rakes available

3.Pruning Tools

One of the best gardening tools available for this work is the pruning shear, which cuts the stems with greater precision, without damaging the plant in the process. There are many types of pruning shears. These are the two most widely used:

Handheld Pruning Shears

They are used to cut green wood from small and medium-sized plants, or sprouts and small branches from trees and shrubs, or for cutting into the stalks or stems in the harvest of fruits, vegetables, and crops. You can find them here.


You will need them for cutting and pruning medium and large trees and plants, and for trimming and maintaining shrubs. Available at Amazon.

4.Irrigation Tools


They are essential for bringing water to distant places. Its dimensions will depend on the size of the crop area.

Watering Can

Watering cans usually are made from either plastic or steel. They have a handle that makes it easy to hold and carry around, and a long neck through which water is poured. These are very practical for watering pots.


A sprayer allows us to spray any preparation like organic fertilizers or any other application treatment, as well as natural remedies and products, to control pests and diseases. Sprayers are also available at Amazon.


We hope these tips have been useful and have given you an idea of how to grow a vegetable garden. The tools we use play a key role in gardening. The care and attention we put into using them will help in the development of our skills upon the tasks and maintenance we perform in our gardens.