13 Tips on How to Keep Deer Out of the Garden Naturally

Powerful Outdoor Water Jet Blaster Animal Pest Repeller – Motion ActivatedWe moved to a rural area of Northern Florida (South of Tallahassee) about eight months ago. My backyard (which has no fence) borders 90 acres of untouched forest. It is gorgeous! We had a bear...

12 of The Best Bird Seed to Attract Birds [Printable]

We all love listening to and watching the birds hang out in our yards, don't we? This super simple printable chart makes it easy for you to find out the best bird seed to attract birds to your yard or garden. In order to attract as many as possible, think...

Become an Expert on Perennial Flowers that Attract Hummingbirds

We all marvel at these tiny little birds don't we? Would you like to know which are the perennial flowers that attract hummingbirds but are not sure where to start?!? I’ve got a few suggestions for you below and even show you pictures of the flowers that attract...

21 Quick Tips on How To Get Birds In Your Yard

Ah Spring! We love watching the new life that emerges after all those months of cold. The snow is melting away. We can see little green shoots coming out of the trees. And the birds! The birds are singing their song and welcoming in new life! Would you like to see...

The 14 Best Plants, Trees & Shrubs for Attracting Birds

10/2017 Update: This article was originally written when we were living in Key Largo. We are now living in a very rural area South of Tallahassee. The birds I see on a regular basis have definitely changed. We have run into a new problem too. Bears! They...

10 Tips For Attracting Birds in Winter To Your Garden

​ Cooler weather is right around the corner! Can you feel it? Are your bird friends preparing yet? Do you like the idea of attracting birds in winter to your own garden? Me too! Let’s get started! We have three primary areas of consideration: food, water and shelter...

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Becoming a vegetarian in 2012 meant I had to learn how to eat vegetables-not something customarily in my menu beyond lettuce & carrots. I also choose to live as simply as possible. Gardening is a natural part of this new path for me.  Learn more about me here.

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